Broadcastpod Trio
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Studio in a box

Studio in a box

Standalone fully integrated solution that has broadcast quality lighting, Hi Definition cameras, built in teleprompter and only occupies 7.54m², less than a standard single occupancy office.

Studio in a box

Broadcast your conversation to the world

Record live or on demand, playback review and broadcast your message to your audience.

Studio in a box


Simple to use iOS - at the touch of a button you can record, playback, review and deliver your content.

  • Self contained broadcast and video conferencing environment
  • Record video live or on-demand
  • No building regulations required
  • No need for assistance from technical support
  • Can be installed in one day anywhere in the world
  • Simple to use Broadcastpod controller and end-to-end media management system software the VF Hub
  • Demountable offering maximum spatial and financial flexibility
  • Content can be quickly and effectively recorded, approved and published
  • Bespoke graphics, designed to embody an organisation’s image, culture and identity
  • Broadcastpod can be deployed globally at a fixed cost and easily relocated
  • Broadcastpod is acoustically treated and fully ventilated

Got a project you want to discuss? Give us a call and whether it’s a corporate video production, event filming, TV Commercial, webcast or a complete production, edit and delivery solution we can help.

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The VF Hub
A fully equipped, standalone, single camera unit that can be installed in one day in any office environment with minimal disruption. Suitable for one person to record video live or on demand.
Broadcastpod XL
Studio Pod 6
A multiple camera standalone fully equipped, studio. Complete with green screen and HD quality cameras and lighting.
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